Visit Chesterton en-us 5 Fun Fall Things: Chesterton 2019 Autumn in Chesterton is not only a gorgeous array of orange, brown, and red, it is a fun-filled season overflowing with things to do! Yesterday's Treasures Yesterday’s Treasures Antique Mall & Artisan Gallery is a priceless Chesterton landmark. Cindy and Dave Winter own this 20,000 square foot mall and provide an opportunity for members of the community to sell their wares. O'Gara & Wilson Booksellsers O’Gara and Wilson, LTD, traces its lineage back to 1882, when Mr. Hewitt founded the original bookshop in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago. Hewitt ran the store until the 1890’s, when it became Woodworth’s, a well-known establishment where generations of University of Chicago professors and students did their book buying.